Detailed All Inclusive Guide on what is required to Setup a company in America

America is one of the most liberal economy that encourages Entrepreneurs. Americans are also the worlds biggest consumers, so its no doubt that you are interested  in setting up a company in America.

Reasons for your setting a company here can be any of the following:

1) You are an Entrepreneur & wish to be the next Facebook or twitter.

2) You are an individual or a small team & wish to work under a limited liability structure.

3) You are a foreign entity & wish to have a presence in the United States.

4) You are looking for the best tax options & ease of execution by forming a Delaware, Wisconsin or Nevada LLC.

Reasons can be different & many, but with one common objective of growth & profits. So here we shall make your task easier by listing some of the steps essential at forming a company in USA.

First thing to note is that US has a Federal structure where both laws of the Union & the State are into force. Incorporating in different states has its unique benefits & disadvanatges. While some are more tax friendly other are easier on paperwork.

So here we go with the essential points approach:

  • Ask Yourself:

a) Are you ready to be an Entrepreneur?

b) Do you understand your market?

c) Do you have enough Business Data & Statistics about your potential Customers?

d) Have you finalized the business type?

e) Do you have or need a mentor?

f) Is your business plan ready?

Once decided, following are the steps you need to take:

  • Choose your business name
  • Once chosen Register this business name
  • You need to Register with the State Agencies
  • Obtain the necessary Federal, State & Business Licenses & Permits
  • You need to learn about all the laws specific to your business & in general as a whole.
  • Learn how you can Finance your business.

I have outlined some of the major steps, more detailes are available here at the Official Govt Website .


Finally Remember that success requires discipline, hard work & a lot of Luck. So All the Best & make it Big 🙂